Milo Mayhem: Activists Storm Stage, Threaten Milo at DePaul Event

Milo Yiannopoulos’ event at DePaul University had to be cut short Tuesday night after protesters stormed the stage, blew whistles, grabbed the microphone out of the interviewer’s hand, and threatened to punch Yiannopoulos in the face.

  • Simply Revolting

    Did they arrest the homophobes?

    • Editor

      Ha! That’s a good one.

  • Mark

    It’s interesting in a way to watch the domino theory play out in front of us. These people and their cohorts have been given more and more and they take more and more. Had they been stopped when they were young or their previous versions been stomped down like they should have been we wouldn’t have these clowns today. But we have given in on everything they seek. So why wouldn’t they continue to push. What’s going to stop them?

    • Mich
    • Clinton

      One of the tools who hijacked the talk rationalized his censorship by
      claiming that Milo’s speech made him feel unsafe, so he felt obliged
      to disrupt the talk. I predict that if universities do not expel such
      students who believe they may decide what speech others may or
      may not hear, then inevitably we will start to see those same sort
      of students deciding that certain books in university libraries must
      be destroyed lest others read the unsafe thoughts they contain.

      These are precisely the sort of jackasses who would go for a full-on
      book burning.

  • Norman_In_New_York

    In other words, just another evening on campus.

    • Clinton

      The folks who disrupted the talk are jackasses, to be sure.
      But what’s just as loathsome is the university’s role in this
      debacle. DePaul insisted that Brietbart hire security for
      the event, yet both the so-called “security” and the campus
      police refused to intervene when the talk was hijacked by
      those self-appointed censors.

      Those students demonstrated a contempt for civil discourse
      and free speech that is incompatible with academic freedom.
      What’s more, they publicly physically threatened guests of
      the university. If DePaul rolls over on this, as looks likely, then
      the university is admitting that it doesn’t give a toss about
      either academic freedom or the physical safety of both its
      students and its guests.

      What parent or alumnus would send its children or its dollars
      to a university that as much as announces that it doesn’t care
      about either education or its students? May Milo’s video go
      viral, and may parents and alumni see how decadent higher
      education has become at DePaul.

  • felis gracilis

    It’s a 21st Century version of the Orwellian “two minutes of hate”. Except, because 2016, it’s a lot longer than two minutes and a lot more hateful too.

  • Throat punches.

    That is what I have to say.

  • Tom Forsythe

    Nobody appreciates black men more than Milo!

    • Brian Jones

      I was gonna say something along those lines – her anger is more than ideological. Did Milo steal her man’s heart?

      • ntt1

        milo stated ,at the time , that the high number of angry black girls confronting him was due to their suspicion he had had sex with their brothers. it really got them steamed up.

  • Dave

    Love it, the leftards and the blm clown posse are just making more votes for Trump!
    Who, in their right mind, would want to be associated with the likes of “them”?

  • jack burns

    They start behaving themselves when they are made to bleed. Nothing else works. We’re going to have to take a break from civilization and head back to the savannah.

  • Gary

    This is so ironic because the schools these black youth go to just happen to embrace the theory that they came from apes . Yet they are upset at a gay man giving his opinions on issues where their actions of violence seems to make them look like that are still just a few thousand years away from a sloped forehead and dragging knuckles.

    Even Obama isn’t offended at school telling his daughters they came from apes.

  • Americadies

    One has to hope Trump heralds in a new era of American Nationalism in which these liberals are hunted and eradicated to the point they hide their true nature and denounce liberalism to avoid the camps.
    It is time to stand up and strike back, one can clearly see each of these liberals need to be beat within an inch of their lives or into oblivion.

  • Hard Little Machine

    There is one easy response. Pepper spray them from your seat.