Mainstreaming non-monogamous relationships on campus

From Daily Caller:

Universities across the country have begun actively pushing polyamory on campus, encouraging students to be more “affirming” of non-monogamous relationships and instructing them to view polyamorous relationships as an acceptable lifestyle choice.

In February, Vanderbilt University sponsored a workshop titled “Deconstructing couplehood,” as part of the university’s Out in Front LGBTQIA+ & Ally College Conference.

The workshop was advertised as “a crash course in polyamory” in which students would “deconstruct the ‘ideal’ and privileged relationship (that is straight, monogamous, married or heading that way, presumably white and middle to upper class), and look towards the other myriad ways to love and form community.”

Back in New York, University at Albany-SUNY sponsored a monthly “Polyamorous talk” for students this year. Students at the taxpayer-funded university were invited to come “talk about the practice, desire, or acceptance of having more than one intimate relationship at a time with the knowledge and consent of everyone involved.”

Last December, Columbia University … More.

Reality check: It is a fundamental principle of progressive government that everyone belongs to everyone else and relates to everyone else in the same way – except that all are subject in all things that actually matter to government.

This seems to be mainly a gay thing at present, but will probably spread. As noted earlier, Western governments, to judge from their policies and goals, do not need stable families any more—that was always the principle reason that governments frowned on these lifestyles in the past.

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  • Sharkibark

    About a year and a half ago, married acquaintances of ours came “out” as polyamorous. At the time I said to my hubby “I give them two years.” Recently they announced that they’re splitting up. What a surprise, eh?

    • Does our society need them to be together? Isn’t there more action n a split?

  • Cat-astrophe

    In future society, will it become taboo to have a spouse or keep a monogamous relationship? Would these people targeted as “outsiders”?
    In the future will we be living under Sharia law, and all be bowing to the east 5 times a day?

  • New Centurion

    Yet another social experiment that won’t end well. But hey, the university wogs will be employed for years on grants and handouts to “study” just why it didn’t work…stupid society

  • How about a few classes on math, chemistry, or accounting. When you get done you will be able to hold a job and a family together.

  • Hard Little Machine

    Group sex among young people? Where’s my smelling salts.

  • Ed

    It will be women that put an end to this. Men are fine with banging variety…

    • Alain

      That used to be true in my time but cannot say it is still true for a lot of women raised in leftism.

  • Brian Jones

    Thanks to the miracle of Facebook’s “Suggested Groups” in my sidebar, I recently learned that 4 people I know belong to a Vancouver Polyamory group. Three of them were musician types that I already knew were into some strange hobbies of that sort, and the other was my 50-something dorky scientist cousin.

    I wasn’t sure whether to be grossed out imagining him and his lady friend (who can most flatteringly be described as “plain”) trying to get lucky at a swingers’ event or laugh or feel sorry for both of them. Mostly I’ll just be trying to forget that I ever saw that little bit of information.