‘Less intelligent’ students suppress free speech on campus: Richard Dawkins

Evolutionary biologist and contentious atheist Richard Dawkins believes the students trying to suppress free discourse on college campuses may be “less intelligent” than their peers.

“There seems to be a tendency among some students – perhaps the less intelligent – to suppress free speech,” Mr. Dawkinssaid in an interview with the Australian on Monday. “I hope it doesn’t last long.”

He added that “incitement to violence” is the only incident in which speech should be curtailed.

  • B__2

    The only problem with this is that the SJWs are already claiming that people who say something the SJWs don’t want to hear is violence in an of itself, equivalent to swinging your fist at them. Thus they would still be demanding speech they don’t like to be curtailed.

    • V10_Rob

      Much as I oppose anyone using violence (or the immediate threat of it) to argue their politics, I’m willing to make some exceptions for dealing with the campus fascists. Words are the equivalent of swinging a fist, are they? Fine, you can call me a shitlord, and I’ll remain silent while I deck you. Fair’s fair.

      • Alice Creighton

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    • DavidinNorthBurnaby

      Then the only suitable response to them is howls of derisive laughter.

  • G

    “There seems to be a tendency among some students – perhaps the less intelligent – to suppress free speech,” Mr. Dawkins said”

    Gee thanks, Dawk old chap.
    But we can fight the good fight without some prissy morally ambiguous, starved for attention, academic faggot’s help. Now run along.

    • DavidinNorthBurnaby


    • Justin St.Denis


  • Gary

    I’m so glad he brought this up because Global warming and Evolution is now settled science where even he mocks those and tries to suppress anyone that challenges his version of reality.

    I infer that Dawkins is taking about the teaching staff and University Board members that I too see as low IQ knuckle dragging fascists that embrace Safe-spaces and have banned several words from being spoken on Campus to suppress free speech .

    • Evolution is real. Just go to a Bernie Sanders rally — you will see men evolving into monkeys before your eyes.

      • Alain


      • Clausewitz

        Are we not men? D E V O……….

  • Jay Currie

    I’m pretty sure, given the pics out of Milo’s DePaul outing, that this has to be racist or something.

  • Drunk_by_Noon

    Dawkins Is calling out his own core constituency?
    Asshats like Dawkins helped create this mess!