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250px-Surveillance_quevaalDHS/Police are turning public CCTV cameras into surveillance cameras, Part 1

Purdue researchers have developed a prototype system called ‘Visual Analytics for Command, Control and Interoperability Environments’ (VACCINE) which allows law enforcement to tap into thousands of CCTV cameras. This means police can spy on you in parking garages, college campuses, national parks, highways etc., no place is safe from Big Brother.

VACCINE and the International Chiefs of Police are working together to make spying on everyone a reality. Think about that for a minute, DHS is using 18,000 police departments to spy on millions of Americans.

mizzouMizzou conducting ‘diversity audit’ to recommend new policies

This is not the UM System’s first attempt to address issues of diversity and inclusion on its campuses, but rather a continuation of its efforts to address the demands issued by student protesters who made Mizzou the center of national attention last year.

To ensure student safety during the protests, for instance, campus police issued a notice to students asking them to report instances of “hateful and/or hurtful speech” so that the university could pursue disciplinary action, and in March, Mizzou’s College of Arts & Sciences announced that all students will now have to complete a three-credit diversity course in order to graduate.

djamel-boumaazFrench Muslim Politician’s Twitter Account: “Forbidden to dogs and to Jews.”

City prosecutors in southern France are investigating a local politician for his Twitter account, which was marked “forbidden to dogs and Jews” and featured tweets mocking and denying the Holocaust.

The Montpellier prosecutors were notified Monday by municipal officials about the account, which belongs to Djamel Boumaaz, a former member of France’s far-right National Front party, the Liberation daily reported. Boumaaz, a Muslim who quit the party last year over what he termed anti-Muslim sentiments by party leader Marine Le Pen, said someone had hacked his account and posted the tweets, the news site Infos H24 reported.

steven_thrasher2The Guardian’s Steven Thrasher Plays Victim After His Anti-White Hate Video Goes Viral

Steven Thrasher is allowed to predict with glee that a “revolution” will come soon with people of color overthrowing the “dying white majority” in America, but if you dare report on his own words you’re the racist and he’s the victim.

trans-bathroom-restroom-genderSex and State Power — What’s Behind Obama’s Transgender Push

The Obama administration has announced that from this day forward, all public schools in America must let children choose their bathroom and locker room based upon a child’s feelings about his or her gender on any given day. This means that, if a male sexual predator (or simply a sexually curious boy) feels that today is a good day to be a girl and watch the girls’ volleyball team strip off in the bathroom, that is his right and the school is obligated to comply.

samoa_churchThe Pacific islanders who want to ban Islam

The leader of the Christian Church in Samoa has called for the country to bring in a blanket ban on Islam.

Reverend Ma’auga Motu, secretary general of the Samoa Council of Churches, said the council was pressing the government to prohibit the religion on the Pacific island.

98993795_FRance-labourereform-world-large_trans++gsaO8O78rhmZrDxTlQBjdGLvJF5WfpqnBZShRL_tOZwFrance set to grind to a halt as strikes spark fuel shortages and air and rail blockages

France was facing transport meltdown on Tuesday as a tense standoff between unions and the government over labour reform saw oil refineries blocked and a fifth of its fuel pumps run dry.

Just three weeks before the Euro 2016 football tournament and days before the British half-term holidays, when thousands of motorists cross into France, at least seven out of eight of the country’s refineries were cut off, fuel shortages looked set to worsen and a string of rail and air strikes are looming.

98047836_MUNICH_GERMANY_-_MAY_15__A_fleet_of_police_or_Polizei_vans_are_pictured_parked_near_the_fan-large_trans++eo_i_u9APj8RuoebjoAHt0k9u7HhRJvuo-ZLenGRumABavaria launches drive to recruit immigrants to the police force

Authorities in Bavaria have launched a new recruitment campaign to encourage more immigrants to serve as police officers.

Even those who are not German citizens will be eligible to join the police, provided they speak fluent German and have lived in the country for five years.

LSU-scientists-lab-sabliov-and-astetejpg-releasedResearchers Develop ‘Holy Grail’ Eye Drop to Prevent, Treat Cataracts Without Surgery

For the millions of people whose vision is clouded by cataracts, surgery had been the only option, but in a few years we may be able to treat, and even prevent the debilitating condition with simple eyedrops.

Researchers at Louisiana State University have formulated drops made of nanoparticles that are able to efficiently deliver into the eye lens the natural substance called lutein–which is plentiful in youthful eyes, but diminishes in old age.

“The nanoparticle matrix can deliver lutein to the eye efficiently, which improves its effect against cataracts,” Sabliov said.

Frauke_Petry_Schools_StudentsGermany’s New Right Leader Schools Brainwashed Young Leftists

Frauke Petry of Germany’s rising right-wing Alternative for Germany party schooled a bunch of brainwashed leftist students during a town hall event in Landau earlier this month. Petry took a leftist flyer being passed around outside the event and read off what was on it.

“You think a woman belongs in the kitchen,” was the first leftist platitude, the other two were: “You don’t care about the environment” and “You’re homophobic, xenophobic, and extreme-right.” Petry asked the audience who wrote it and challenging whoever did so to come forward and debate her.

Men pose for photo as some of them leave the refugee and migrant makeshift camp on the Greek-Macedonia border near the village of Idomeni on May, 23 2016. Greece said on May 23 it will step up efforts to clear the squalid camp of Idomeni where over 8,400 migrants remain on the border with Macedonia after braving a winter in vain hope of being allowed through to Europe. / AFP / SAKIS MITROLIDIS (Photo credit should read SAKIS MITROLIDIS/AFP/Getty Images)

Swedish Police Excuse Migrant Rape, Blame ‘Nordic Alcohol Culture’ And ‘Ignorance’

Shortly after the German police were accused of attempting to cover up the Cologne sex attack, it began to be reported that Swedish police had been obscuring the nature of sex attacks in Stockholm for years.

Festival organisers had identified the sex mob phenomenon two years ago, but claimed it would have been “irresponsible” to have spoken out. The police, too, refused to reveal the perpetrators were all Afghan youths, and arrests were only made after this was reported last year.

bigstock-Strict-father-punishing-his-da-115457207Students demand expulsion, unpaid leave to punish ‘hate speech’

Protesters at Bellevue College are calling for the “expulsion” of students found guilty of “hate speech” in response to an alleged string of insensitive messages that appeared on campus over the past several months.

They are also demanding personal statements of support from each faculty and staff member, a prayer room for Muslim students, and “low-cost full lunch packs.”

beard trimming chartA Beard Tax is Being Proposed in England, and It’s Not the First

Beards—once associated strictly with hermits and wizards—have become one of the hottest fashion accessories for men in the past few years, with celebrities, athletes, and style-conscious men around the globe growing, grooming, and styling their facial hair to match the latest trends. But despite their current popularity, beards remain deeply divisive and this week, one British barber and businessman has floated a radical proposal to discourage hirsute faces, or at least make some money off the men who refuse to renounce them.

h/t Exile1981 You know there will be an exemption for Moslems.

052416-wabc-terror-arrest-suspect-COLOR-imgISIS Arrest Grips New York

FBI agents picked up 22-year-old Sajmir Alimehmeti at 5:30 a.m. at his home Tuesday without incident. He also went by the name “Abdul Qawii.”

Alimehmeti is charged with attempting to provide material support to the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIL) and for making a false statement in an application for a United States passport.

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