Canada home to Islamic radicals

In November 2014, while making a deposition before the Senate Committee on National Security and Defence, I raised the issue of Islamic clerics using mosque sermons to attack the foundational principles of Western civilization and liberal secular democracy.

Liberal Senator Grant Mitchell was outraged by my testimony that at most Canadian mosques, the Friday congregation includes a ritual prayer asking, “Allah to give victory to Muslims over the ‘Kufaar’ (non-Muslims).”

In a heated exchange with me, the senator suggested I wasn’t telling the truth, implying I was motivated by Islamophobia.

  • simus1

    Tarek Fatah always a good read.
    Grant Mitchell is on the Senate National Security and Defence Committee ?
    Is this somebody’s idea of a joke ?

    • Ford Prefect

      Yes it was. Paul Martian did this as a screw you to Alberta.

  • moraywatson

    Mr. Fatah, why the fawning reference to “Prophet Mohammed” ? You know perfectly well what mohammed was. How do you continue to justify any allegiance to the brutal totalitarian ideology that he spawned ?

  • So who can understand Arabic better — a guy with the last name “Mitchell” or a guy with the last name “Fatah”?

    And who understands Islam better — a Muslim named “Fatah” or a non-Muslim named “Mitchell”?

    In Liberal Canada we all know the answer to that — in fact even snowboard instructors apparently understand quantum mechanics better than Einstein by virtue of the fact that they are simply Liberals.

  • Maggat

    Freedom of and from religion is one of the things that allow our free societies to function and grow, choice for the individual. Having said that, I must regretfully insist that Canada close all mosques and deport all imams that spew their sickening brand of hatred. Pity that it has come to that, but, if we are to survive as a free and open society it must be done. ASAP

  • Morticiaa

    He is a pathetic little man who couldn’t succeed in the real world if he tried he relies on the system for his livelihood. He is one of those types that squeeze jellybeans in their butt cheeks Part of the brain dead walking dead of the mindless maze the winners of the FACEBOOK Twitter texting election and the generation of newspeak hollows that elected the liberals. Grant Mitchell is a pimple, with the power of a boil these days