Brentwood Massacre Trial: Matthew de Grood found not criminally responsible

Matthew de Grood was suffering a mental disorder and didn’t appreciate what he was doing was wrong when he murdered five young Calgarians, a judge ruled Wednesday.

In determining de Grood, 24, was not criminally responsible, Justice Eric Macklin accepted the opinions of three experts the admitted killer was experiencing a psychotic episode at the time of the slayings.

“I find on a balance of probabilities that at the time he caused their deaths, Matthew de Grood was suffering from a mental disorder that rendered him incapable of appreciating or knowing that his actions were wrong,” Macklin said.

  • G

    Calgary CP
    In his ruling Judge Macklin said: “Really there isn’t anything we can do to bring these people back, nor is there anything society can realistically do to comfort the victim’s families so why bother?”

    Macklin continued “They (the families) will just have to deal with it”

    When asked about possible punishment of the murderer, Macklin replied
    “He’s not a murderer because I have ruled he isn’t. Why should we ruin his life just because he killed someone? Throwing him in jail won’t bring anyone back and besides it was just six middle class white kids so it’s not like they were anyone important, like say, a judge for example.”

    When asked about what critics might say regarding his ruling, Macklin responded “Who cares? They’re just little people, mere voters. I’m a judge. I set the rules.”

  • Alain

    Disgusting BS. Macklin needs a public flogging followed by removal from the bench for life.

    • G

      absolutely right. but he’s a judge, one of the privileged elite. Nothing bad shall ever happen to him.

  • Frances

    G – please provide a link.

    • Exile1981

      That is G’s “interpretation” of what the judge intended not his actual words.

      • G

        That’s right Exile.
        Sorry Frances, I was using satire and it doesn’t come across well. My bad.

        • Exile1981

          you really need to add SARC to the end of your above comment.

          The fact that it would only take 3 psychology majors to decide to release him back into the community and no one could say anything says a lot about how broken our society is.

          • G

            The point I was (unsuccessfully) making. (darn it) 😀
            was that judges TRULY don’t give rat’s ass about the victims.

            To judges, the defense and the prosecution lawyers, even to the cops to a degree, victims are just an annoying, embarrassing detail.

            (Judges & lawyers inner thoughts)- Sarc on<
            "Damned peasants! Always expecting *US* to give them some closure! Bloody ungrateful peons! Don't they know how difficult it is to run a murder case? Hey! Little people! Your kid is dead! Whaddaya expect me to do? Deal with it will ya'!"
            <Sarcasm off

            Liberals and lawyers will bluster about how much they care. That's all it is – bluster. Actions speak louder than words.

          • G

            Wow what happens to that last paragraph??? Weird 😉

        • Frances

          Understood. However, much as we all dislike the verdict and the possibility of Matthew’s release in the fairly near future as long as he stays on his meds, it has to be acknowledged that Matthew was exhibiting signs of mental problems in the weeks before the murders. Family and friends were concerned and trying to help, but were thinking along the lines of self-harm, not this horrific incident.

          The verdict I can agree with – Matthew was off his head and had no idea he was killing innocents. What I do disagree with is that there is no provision for life-long supervision of the man to ensure he NEVER goes off his meds or has another psychotic episode where he can do harm. Same for Vincent Li, and more so in his case, as he had apparently been diagnosed some years before and had gone off his meds which resulted on his psychotic episode on the bus.

          The verdicts I really, really hate are those for men who kill their children and then claim insanity caused by the stress of separation from the wife (doctor in Quebec, since retried and found guilty) or by the stress of imagining the children were being abused (man in BC – Cariboo area more or less – and he got away with it). They suddenly recover once the verdict is reached.