Aftermath of our firefight with ISIS

Aftermath footage of our firefight with ISIS on the 4th of May 2016, and treatment of a wounded ISIS fighter.

This incident took place the day after the battle for Teleskuf, where US Navy Seal Charles Keating IV lost his life. A group of over 20 ISIS fighters who had taken part in the attack the day before and was trying to escape, had been boxed in between two fortified positions and two Peshmerga Humvees. Our general, Wahed Kovle, myself and two other officers then approached the enemy hiding in the tall grass, using one of the Humvees as a shield, while the second Humvee and the two fortified positions provided fire support. The fighting was intense and we were exchanging fire and throwing hand-grenades at each other at close range. Three of the ISIS fighters blew themselves up as well and we had pieces of them raining over us.

A single jihadist survived the attack and I provided medical care for him, even though the ISIS commander who were speaking with our general on the radio told us we could kill him for all he cared. The wounded fighter was handed over to Kurdish intelligence afterwards. We had no casualties our self from this particular contact.