Terrorists likely stockpiling explosives in EU, says Europol

“We have some information reported by the member states that terrorists groups are trying to establish large clandestine stockpiles of explosives in the European Union to be used eventually in large scale home attacks”

  • Gary

    I won’t be shocked if Palestine House in Mississaugistan blows up one day from a mistake by a muslim that sets off the explosives being stored there .

    Don’t forget the the Hamas-funding CAIR-Canada under Sheema Khan’s reign had helped get Muslim Brotherhood operatives into every level of Government and the Security forces.
    Currently , the Toronto Police are ordered to give a 24 hour warning ahead of any visit to a mosque even if it’s related to a criminal case .
    No other faith is afforded that luxury which was exposed when a muslim Peel Cop went to a jewish temple while keeping his gun on him and then threatened a Rabbi that if the Temple allowed this Women-Rights speaker hold her engagement here that he would lose his job as a Chaplain on the Peel Police services Board .

    Things will only get worse in Canada as the muslim population grows toward 10% because canada still allows immigrants from 5 of the 7 Countries listed by the UN as Terrorist Producing Nations .
    Trudeau cares about Power and votes . Liberals will sell-out Canada and ignore the hatred and Misogyny by minorities as does the Human Rights Commissions that have yet to go after a Muslim for a hate-crime or homophobia.

  • Norman_In_New_York

    Yet these EU nitwits still want mass Muslim immigration. The EU executives desperately need a collective brain transplant.