Socialism and Violence: Exploring an inseparable link.

Many are the facts that the national media refuses to address.  One such fact is that concerning the pattern of violence that’s emerged on the part of the supporters of self-declared “socialist,” Bernie Sanders.

In addition to the fact that they conflict wildly with those held, traditionally, by Americans generally, socialists hold moral beliefs that demand the deployment of the overt coercion of others of those who don’t share those values.

  • dance…dancetotheradio

    They can’t just all move somewhere and set up their own socialist utopia.
    If it all worked the way they think it does then they would do that.

    • Exactly. If you want to be Communist then go right ahead — you have the right to be a Communist, and anyone who voluntarily would like to join you has that right also. But that’s the problem — Communism/Socialism only functions through the use of force, which is ironically why it is dysfunctional!