No low the Liberals cannot sink to…

Wynne orders MPP to apologize for calling cops on mom

  • felis gracilis

    The face that launched a thousand scandals.

    • She is proof you get the face you deserve;)

    • dance…dancetotheradio

      And lost lunches.

      • felis gracilis

        Projectile lost lunches.

    • Shebel

      You should see her Partner in Love—
      It is Nightmare City.

  • I have it on authority that the douchebag MPP was doing his nails while parents of autistic children attempted to plead their cases at Queen’s Park a few weeks back.

  • Shebel

    Why waste money on ‘autistic kids’ when you can fund windmills to produce power that we don’t need?
    This is the Liberal state of Mind.

  • Shebel

    When you are unlucky enough to have a Government that is focused on only one goal.
    To Save the Planet . No matter what it costs .No matter how many people they hurt.

    They get totally lost . They forget about the PEOPLE.

    In Ontario , we are blessed with an aberration– that is obsessed with Sex and the Climate.
    —- This Lesbian is going to force her views of sex on your Children
    —– This Lesbian is going to STOP the climate from changing-
    Even if it kills your Children.

    Autism -is a terrible thing for a child and equally terrible for the parent. If there is anything we can do as a society to help— we will and we should. We don’t mind.
    When our Leaders take our tax money and SQUANDER it on their personal Pipe Dreams——-Something is Wrong.
    When our Leaders spend Less time Governing and More time figuring out ways to TAX you——
    And there is NO money for kids with ‘autism’ and
    The biggest debate for the Elderly is Euthanasia .

    It is only a matter time—-

  • Shebel

    People are afraid of Jihadi Muslims–because they want to die.
    We spend tons of money attempting to prevent this Islamic belief from destroying us.

    The Point is that they are not afraid to DIE .

    Do you moronic Politicians realize that many of us olde folk are not afraid to die. We are bloody close to the gates of Heaven or Hell .
    None of us want to die in pain—-that is a no-no.
    None of us want to die in vain.
    The point is we could be a very fucking dangerous bunch.

    Maybe , Kathleen– you should pay more attention to the children ,the parents and the elderly –that -need some support.

  • Shebel

    Maybe if Justin wants to change the Way we vote—it will open the way for the Sick, the Dying , the Destitute , the Olde and Fucking Pissed Off Party. SDDOFPOP
    Why wait for the Liberals to perform their euthanasia on you? Take one with you !
    That would be a truly Glorious way to die.
    Just make sure to cover your face with black camouflage paint— this way the cops will shoot you for sure.

  • Shebel

    We have already paid our share—- you Bitch

    • I love this song. Although I once attempted to sing it at a local Portuguese bar on karaoke night — big mistake, it did not get good reviews. The bar owner said to me: “That’s the worst karaoke we’ve ever heard here”.

      Back to your point: Canada still has a number of outstanding legitimate land claims settlements to address. Whereas the U.S has pretty much addressed all of its Aboriginal land claims a number of years ago. Australia I don’t know about.

      • Exile1981

        I have a native friend and he told me the land claim that they are “negoiating” will never be solved because the band members believe that not agreeing is a tactic.

        Everytime a government tries to negoiate this claim the add more lands to the issue.

        • Sometimes it’s because the courts are just too slow. Sometimes it’s a tactic by the Bands (which makes you wonder if the courts are in bed with them!). And sometimes it’s outright fraud, such as the Mohawks who have absolutely no legal claims whatsoever. The Mohawks are purely intimidation, heavily infiltrated by Communists in the American Indian Movement from the U.S., the latter of which have nothing better to do because they know all the claims have been settled in the U.S.

      • Shebel

        I had an extremely , self important , not to mention articulate asshole tell me how the Aussies solved their Aboriginal Problem.
        He was very proud of the Aussies—-and quite derisive of Canada.

        He told me how Canadians -should respect the Natives.
        I said – We do.

        He emphatically informed me that ‘We don’t”

        I asked him what did you guys do in Australia that solved the problem?

        Not a word of a Lie— and this asshole was proud of the fact— that they gave a vast quantity of land to the Aborigines– in the OUTBACK.

        I laughed in his face. I told him we have over 500 tribes in Canada . . Some within 30 miles of where you are sitting. The Canadian version of your Outback would probably be the Arctic.
        I am quite sure that the Mohawks would just demonstrate their docility by marching to their new designated land.

        Yes– it pissed me off so much that I remember it.

        • Very true. Although we did do something similar as the Aussies — it’s called Nunavut. As usual a “generous” Liberal solution — located 100% in the frozen tundra.

          I’m sure our traditional “hunter-gather” Mohawks would love living there — great place for casinos, smuggling tobacco, arms, drugs, and people, no? No.

          And I can’t wait until the Liberals decide to enforce tranny bathrooms and Gay marriage on the Mohawk Warrior Society.

        • p.s. you should mention to your Aussie friend that Canada’s
          “marginalized” Mohawks have multi-million dollar luxury tourist resort investments in places like Cuba. Not to mention that Northern band Chiefs like Theresa Spence had bigger salaries than our former Prime Minister. She is CEO of a band of 2,000 people (during the summer months — population is less in winter because many band members go south and live in the city in winter). Harper was CEO of 34,000,000 people 24/7/365 and made less.