London airport mulls plans to adopt Israeli ‘ring of steel’ security regime

Amid warnings of a fresh campaign of ISIS terror attacks, Heathrow Airport in London is reportedly considering the implementation of a new security mechanism that is employed at Israel’s Ben-Gurion Airport.

  • BillyHW

    Does this “ring of steel” security include just not hiring any muslims?

    • Bataviawillem

      I was at Heathrow and I was surprised that all personnel was english, I don’t know if that’s the same at the baggage handling, unlike Toronto Airport which is like the united nations.

      • BillyHW

        Pearson is the Paki Nation and no other.

        • marty_p

          Canadian immigration policy is wonderful. No need to travel to see the sh*t holes of the world – just travel around the GTA. Want to see Somalia – go to Dixon Rd. Want to go to Jamaica – go to Eglinton and Oakwood – want to see the Arab Middle East go to Scarborough – want to see Islamabad – go to Mississauga – want to go to Kashmir – go to Pearson airport. Look at all the money you just saved on your world tour.

          • T.C.

            I went through Calgary airport at Christmas a few years ago. Nothing but muslim women in hijabs manning (womaning?) the screening area. If that was supposed to engender a sense of “security” it had the opposite effect.

          • Exile1981

            Calgary international has become a shit hole. They tend to have the screeners in weird packs. One day its all muslim women and the next its all non muslims. Its like the muslims wont wirk with infidels.

          • JoKeR

            You might want to exit the place quickly if you hear any of them ticking!

      • Linda1000

        Doubt if the this will work as Heathrow is comprised of huge terminals with multiple entrances and above all, Brits do not want to appear to be racist. Think Ben Gurion is set up a little differently and not quite so large?
        In 2001, I was in Terminal 4 and had just come off a crowded overnight flight from no man’s land. Had a few hours to kill before my next connection to Calgary. I found an empty area away from the main traffic isle, kind of back in a corner with empty seats. I unloaded my stuff, kicked off my shoes, was about to stretch out and snooze. Looked up and who did I see walking towards me – a bright blue sari, lots of makeup carrying a cute little purse and this person came and plunked down right next to me. I looked over noticed the large hands, nail polish and large feet. I felt uncomfortable being so close to this person so I packed up my stuff and walked directly to a restaurant. There were a number of empty seats so I didn’t see why this person had to sit right next to me. This was only the second time I have encountered a man dressed as woman. The only other time was once on the Toronto subway in the early ’80s.
        I haven’t had to fly anywhere since 2003 and now I think I’ll just stick to driving, even if the distance requires a few days of driving.

  • simus1

    Sounds more like a search for “Hollande style Security Theatre” to damp down the mega lawsuits and keep things from boiling over politically when TSHTF.

  • Norman_In_New_York

    This should cause consternation in the Labour Party.

  • Due diligence, izall. Protection from lawsuits, not terrorists.

  • B__2

    Is this “Ring of Steel” supposed to be for an enhanced fragmentation effect surrounding any explosives-laden plane? /sarc

    “We’ve traced the call – its coming from inside the house”. Israeli security measures are probably that effective by ensuring the vetting and scrutiny of airport employees in addition to the screening procedures of passengers including asking questions that may be unacceptable in a politically-correct society. The threatening jihadi graffiti on planes indicates how secure many airports really are.