Human remains found on EgyptAir MS804 indicate there was an explosion on jet

The comments came from an Egyptian forensic expert today as the investigation into the tragedy which killed all 66 people on the plane intensified.

Thus was the manner of President Trump’s election.

  • Hard Little Machine

    there was an explosion of Muslim love and freedom and tolerance.

  • Now the trick will be finding out the who what where when why.

    • An Egyptian official is now denying the explosion evidence, undoubtedly trying to salvage the tourist industry at the expense of more lives.

    • ntt1

      Over the weekend Iread that one of the pilots had said his goodbyes and was preparing for death weeks before the accident the explosion pattern indicated a massive blowout on his side of the cockpit perhaps from a bomb in his carry on briefcase this is the second Muslim pilot to suicide and take the plane with him,not counting the Saudi backed 911 atrocity.

      • Interesting that the first reports from the mainstream media last week speculated heavily about airport workers — a deliberate diversion? What about the pilots? The MO from day one has been pilots, and I don’t remember any news about tightening their screening. Do pilots even go through personal baggage checks or are they waved through?

        • ntt1

          Yes pilots are given pre clearance as are some stewardesses which is why there have been high profile drug busts in spot checking their carry ons

          • Sounds like a good cover for money laundering too — for example if you want to move more than $10,000 U.S. cash (the legal limit) to an international destination for somebody without drawing attention.

      • Linda1000

        I read that on Shoebat and he seems to know his what he is talking about as death by drowning is some kind of “honorable” for muslims.

        • Sorta like death by poisoning (e.g. abortion and euthanasia) is something “honourable” in the West.