Christians have ‘mission to convert’ Muslims – Cardinal

Christians still have a “mission to convert” Muslims and members of other religions to Christianity even in the face of persecution in the Middle East, one of Pope Francis’s most senior aides has insisted.

But Cardinal Kurt Koch, the Vatican’s head of ecumenical relations, emphasised that Roman Catholic teaching rules out missionary activity aimed at Jewish people because they are regarded as God’s “chosen” people.

  • Conversion from is better than agreeing with Islamism

  • Shebel

    Has this guy ever listened to Pope Francis ?

  • Drunk_by_Noon

    Uhhh… NO!
    Christanity = convert all comers.
    That’s who we are and how we roll, if if’n ya’ don’t like it, you can go to Hell.

    See what I did there. 🙂
    Anything that is not that is not scripturally accurate.

  • simus1

    This must be the Pope Evita flunky they call “Cardinal Smokescreen”.

  • Shebel

    We ,Presbyterian’s , never had much use fore the ‘Dirty Dogans’.
    Listening to their traitorous Pope– We tried be Polite.
    We are done.
    Hey! Cardinal Kurt Koch—- you are not very good at converting People.
    That ended with the Natives. They were defenceless ,easy and trusting.
    Your REALLY BIG JOB—is to keep the ‘sheep from migrating’ .
    And you are also losing that battle.

    • How is everything going on the Presbyterian front?

      • Shebel

        Not too good .
        We got to bring the old Preachers that insisted we are all Sinners.
        Which we are— but nobody cares.
        The kids are going to be searching for something to believe in–
        This is what scares me the most.
        Those that want something to BELIEVE in are going to find it.

        • The cardinal is right. An attempt to convert is a lot better than attempting to find common ground.

  • Soooo, listen Kurt, buddy, uh, you want to keep your head on your shoulders? How are you going to do this thing? You might want to give it some thought after all you’ve got one eternal virgin against their 72 virgins for eternity. Just sayin’

    • Shebel

      Yes. One eternal Virgin – that you pray to— VS
      72 perpetual Virgins -that you get to fuck for ETERNITY.
      Quite a decision when you are young and horny and have never even been allowed to see the ankle of a female.

  • xavier

    Hi all

    I aggre withe Cardinal. The question is how to do it?

    I’ve been thinking about this for years and the few ideas

    1) the intellectual arguments
    2) being an example however imperfect. I’ve always been struck by how dour and dyspeptic islamic society is
    3) stand up for the faith whether it’s a hostile government and society as well as the mouth foaming jihadists

    In any case they’re a modest starting point


  • Yusuf_al_Kafir

    Fuck him! Let the Muslims cut off his sorry head.


    Anyone who has to deal with the real world repercussions of his, and others’, delusional, faith/theory-fueled motives about convincing and converting Muslims.

    Quit ruining the world for the rest of us, shit-for-brains!
    This moron is no better than a Western liberal and their belief that they can sell Muslims on Western secularism/democracy.
    Their theories/hopes never pan out and the word goes further into the waste bin because of their ill-conceived efforts.

    ps – I’m normally an open-minded, respectful-type atheist when it comes to Judaeo-Christian things, but this dumb clown and his ilk annoy me to no end. When the shit hits the fan, this asswipe can save his own neck! That self-righteous prick needs to go read a Koran and learn about Islamic culture. I’m off to bed. Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr!!!!

    • “But, although Islam also shares common roots with the two religions, it did not have the same “unique relationship” as Christianity and Judaism, he insisted.

      The Cardinal was speaking after an intense two-day round of
      interfaith dialogue between senior Catholic and Jewish leaders behind
      closed doors, organised through the Woolf Institute in Cambridge.”

      What is wrong with that statement?

  • Shebel

    Strange— The Jews don’t bother to attempt to convert any body.
    That is left to lesser beings.
    Just sit back and watch.
    This is a compliment.