Calls for tests with end-of-life pill renewed

According to Cooperatie Laastste Wil (Cooperation Last Will in English) and the Netherlands association for voluntary end of life NVVE, everyone should be able to determine how they end their life. They feel that people who do not want to live anymore, but are not covered by the euthanasia law, should have access to an end-of-life pill, also known as a suicide pill or last will pill.

  • Everybody should have access to an end-of-life pill but not everyone should have access to a gun. Go figure.

    And what’s stopping people from dropping a pill like that in the tea or the alcoholic beverage of an enemy in order to kill them without a trace? — no “smoking gun”.

    • Alain

      You nailed it.

  • Exile1981

    I’d like to suggest politicians show us how its done.

  • I don’t have any particularly strong feelings about euthanasia as such. It’s always been practiced (and God forbid I should tell other people how much pain they should be expected to bear). The old painkiller overdose at the very end has probably been around as long as there have been opiates, and that’s a long time. (It happens in Sons And Lovers. I know because they made me read that overrated emotional masturbation twice.) At the risk of overshare, the attending nurse administered a lethal overdose of opiates to my father, who was in a coma, once all the designated people had shown up. It was quite obvious what she was doing, and it was obvious that she expected no one to have any issue with it; and I had and have none. Let’s say I don’t believe in being strident on the issue of euthanasia in the absolute extreme – literally, in extremis.

    This is different. This is people who want to kill themselves but not really. Who want to pretend being killed is non-threatening if it’s disguised as a medical procedure. I really think that’s what it is. I remember an article in the London Spectator from way back when they executed Timothy McVeigh (as well they should have): “Did they sterilize the needle?” In other words, are we dressing up something violent as something clean and clinical in order to shield ourselves emotionally?

    If you want to kill yourself, you can kill yourself. You can horde pills, people do it all the time. Hell, if I were really determined to end it, (not that I’d probably ever have the courage), I’d want to put a bullet through my soft pallet. That’s risking way more overshare, yes, and it’s ugly, but I’m trying to make a point. And don’t think that my doing such a thing wouldn’t be used as an argument for gun-grabbing – won’t somebody please think of the suicidal! – by the same control freaks who think that it’s perfectly wholesome for a doctor, under the auspices of The State, to administer the quietus.

    If you’re too out of it to top yourself, you’re too out of it to trust anyone around you to make life-ending decisions on your behalf. This is about making doctors complicit in suicide. And as sure as two and two make four, you know then when it becomes okay for The State to kill some people, it will become a duty for The State to kill others.

    • k2

      That’s always been my main problem with capital punishment (much as I emotionally feel some crimes do merit this punishment): do I really want the State to have the legal authority to kill its citizenry? I mean, if the empowered in our societies – such as big name politicians – want you dead, chances are they’ll probably find a way to make it happen, I suppose, but why make it easier for them?

      With regard to suicide and mental illness – my understanding (based on discussions with a friend who is a psychiatrist) is that psychiatrists generally believe that there are cases where a mentally ill person is competent to make the judgement that life is not worth living. However, almost by definition, most are not so competent (the fact of their being suicidal is itself taken as proof that they are not in a mentally competent position) and since it is nearly impossible to differentiate between these two groups (those who are/aren’t in a position to rationally choose suicide), the unofficial rule for psychiatrists is to ALWAYS oppose the suicidal in their efforts to harm themselves. Encouraging or forcing doctors to do otherwise will surely throw a major ethical curve ball their way and is going to be resisted by many, I suspect.

      • “Gaslighting” can also lead to suicide. In terms of causation, it’s the opposite psychiatric reason why someone would be suicidal. In other words it’s not caused by mental illness it’s caused by someone falsely accusing you of being mentally ill, and convincing everyone around you that you are mentally ill, branding you and bullying you to the point of desperation, perhaps provoking suicide if you see no out.

        It’s actually a form of mental abuse — usually practiced by narcissists on their victims but it can be motivated by many things, such as money. For example if someone wants to cut you out of a will — claiming you are too mentally incompetent to handle money sometimes works.

  • Bataviawillem

    A family member of my wife euthanized herself with help of a doctor (in the Netherlands) after a few decades of M.S.
    She was bound to a wheelchair for years and could not move any limb, when her breathing star to falter she took the decision to end her life, because the idea of her breathing to fail and to die of suffocation was to much for her.
    I think under such circumstances euthanasia should be an option.

    • I admit that’s… literal physical paralysis. I’d have to think that one through. You know what they say about hard cases.

  • Hard Little Machine

    Strap a bomb to yourself and go to a mosque.

  • Hey! Remember when everyone said that euthanasia would not get out of control?

    • H

      I know: Let’s do the same thing with euthanasia that we do with abortion and have no law at all! People’s right to choose what to do with their own bodies should be valid anytime, under any circumstances.

      • Before you go any further, take a good look at what is going on in the Netherlands and in Belgium.

      • Forcing physicians by law to perform these acts, and forcing the taxpayer to pay for it, has nothing to do with “people’s right to
        choose what to do with their own bodies”. It’s about forcing the entire population to be complicit in killing.

        And in the case of abortion, nobody has ever asked the baby in the womb his/her opinion about whether he/she has chosen to die.