We’re Doomed! Lego has begun an ‘arms race’

Gay leggoOh no! children’s toy becomes increasingly violent and includes more weapons, say researchers

Frankly I’m a little surprised they don’t already have like a Timmy the pre-op transgendered Lego whatever.

  • Frances

    “I’m surprised they don’t have a Timmy the pre-op transgendered…” – you’ll just have to make do with one of their kits such as those for the “Sandcrawler” or the
    Millennium Falcon”.

  • G

    Oh fuck off “researchers”.
    These are same jack asses that bring us all the other crap that comes out of the social…”sciences” in universities. The so-called researchers cherry pick what they will research. Then they cherry pick what facts will fir into their forgone conclusions. Then once they come to their highly questionable conclusions, they release them to an equally activist news media who give them just the right spin.

    By the time these studies reach the public they are nothing more than propaganda.
    If any researchers out there came to completely opposite conclusions using honest methods, we would never hear about it.

    I’m so damned sick of these news stories that start off with: “Experts say” “research shows” “studies indicate”. It’s whatever the researcher wants and whatever the reporter wants.

    “(98 percent of people Born Gay experts say)”
    “(Studies show Earth doomed in 10 years unless everyone votes Liberal)”

  • canminuteman

    Young boys are inherently violent and love weapons. In the process of civilizing them we teach them to control their urges to kill everyone.

    • Frances

      Young girls really like light sabres, as well.

  • Jaedo Drax

    Better question, who is a bigger arms dealer, Nerf or Lego?

  • Do parents teach children that violence is okay? Do leftist “co-parent” teachers teach children that violence is okay as long as it is against X group of people that they don’t like?

    We have bigger problems than blocks.

    • canminuteman

      I have told my son’s that if I ever here of them starting a fight at school they will be in trouble, but if they finish one I will back them up. Sometimes violence is necessary.

      • This junk science nonsense is all about control. Produce compliant population by first removing any ability to think as individuals. Everything else falls into place.

        How many men have played with water pistols and the like as children and never became violent?

        How many men have grown up without fathers, became violent and are rigorously defended by leftists under the guise of preventing racism?

        As I said, we have bigger problems than blocks.