Through the media looking glass

Rose coloured glassesThe terrorism trial in progress before Judge Davis is important and interesting, but is difficult to understand through a media filter. The national media have mostly shied away from the trial. A couple of recent articles, however, offer exhibits A and B in the imposition of a gauzy filter over the case.

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    I think there are some links missing here…

    • Ego

      All, in fact 🙂

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    Missing link, Cat.

  • Jim Horne

    Is this the terrorism trial that is being cited?

    Judge Davis told potential jurors in a Minnesota terror-related case that they were going to see evidence that is “horrific.”

    “Some of the evidence is going to be videos, and they aren’t going to be pleasant,” Davis told the room full of jurors Tuesday.

    Jury Seated in Minnesota Terror Trial: 8 Men, 8 Women