The cost of Islam: Cologne police plan ‘protection zone’ at New Year celebrations

Following the sexual assaults at last year’s New Year’s celebrations, Cologne police have said they’re planning a “protection zone” at this year’s festivities. Upcoming summer events will test the city’s security.

Why that’s Islamophobic!

  • Dana Garcia

    Diversity does not come cheap!

    Germans must be prepared to fork out lots of euros to protect themselves from the wonderful diversity the elites are importing by the millions.

  • DavidinNorthBurnaby

    Coming soon to a Canerduh near you. Courtesy of you know who …

  • Alain

    When things are reduced to needing a protection zone to protect citizens from invading barbarians, you should know you are in big trouble. Remove the invading barbarians and no protection zone is required.

  • ismiselemeas

    The protection zone excludes all women from entering, that way the rapists are protected from their compulsion to rape. Oh yeah, no minors either. No gays either, can’t have them being encouraged to kill gays. Did I forget anybody?

    • Alain

      Still not enough, since they see no problem raping men either even non homosexuals. Perhaps limiting it to senior citizen males might work.

  • B__2

    Yes, last New Year’s Eve protection of immigrant criminals from public scrutiny was wholly inadequate, and the citizens were able to find out what happened despite the best efforts of the press, police and the local government to suppress it. Expect to see a greater suppression of the reporting of such events in the future. After all, if nobody knows about any criminal acts and this acts remain un-prosecuted and unpunished, then nobody can commit the even more heinous crime of “islamophobia”, right?