The ADL Turns Anti-Israel

“…The ADL head told J Street, as he had assured If Not Now, that his organization “shares your commitment to change”.  He echoed talking points by the astroturf anti-Israel groups that the “establishment” had not provided a “safe space” for debate. That’s a euphemism for providing forums for anti-Israel groups to spread their hate against the Jewish State.

“We should not stand idly by when those in our community exhibit Islamophobia or deny the rights of the marginalized, Palestinian,” he insisted to J Street.”


I don’t think Israel needs the ADL to begin with.

  • Norman_In_New_York

    No, we don’t need the ADL when it becomes a loony Left train wreck under an Obama stooge.

    • They have grown increasingly nutty. I hate to say it but yes I believe a majority of the North American diaspora, once sufficiently distanced from their heritage, will eventually turn their backs on Israel.

  • Hard Little Machine

    These organizations badly miscalculate if they think it will help their fund raising. Jew haters don’t donate to Jew hating organizations nominally made up of Jews. They only source of revenue for the ADL will soon be CAIR and the Iranian government, like J-Street. And honestly the US has enough Muslim front groups to lobby the government with bribes now.