Islamic Extremism in France Part III: Stemming the Tide

In April 2015, French Prime Minister Manuel Valls said that a Salafist minority was “winning the ideological and cultural war” for control of Islam in France.

“Salafists account for 1% of Muslims in the country, but all you hear about is their message, the messages on social media,” Valls declared in a closing address in Paris to a conference on the populist exploitation of Islamism in Europe.

  • Islamic theology is the social blueprint for the problem.

    Only a complete Islamic reformation will help.

    • Tokenn

      A myth and a pack of lies can’t be reformed. It can only be exposed as falsehood.

      • If Islamic theology did not incite Muslims to violence, Islam would change.

        They can believe all the mumbo jumbo they want if they don’t incite violence. Being stupid does not necessarily make one violent.

  • Will Quest

    All those arses lifted up westward , so many arses so little time …….

  • Alain

    Everytime this nonsense of “Islamic extremism” is trotted out, we did to correct the source. There is no “Islamic extremism”, there is only Islam.