House of Sunny

She says bad things about the Canadian Prime Minister.

  • AlanUK

    When I watched the link there was the usual “choose 1 of these 4” picture.
    For me, the top RH corner was a speech by Nigel Ferrage at the European Parliament.
    Well worth watching.

    • What a dour and moribund place to have to work. With the exception of Farage they all remind me of undertakers, each presiding over his/her specially-numbered polished casket.

  • gainny

    What’s wrong with supporting George Zimmerman?

    • I must have had too much to drink last night — I fell over with my bicycle on the sidewalk and I wasn’t even riding it!

      Anyway I ended in a redneck bar ranting against Justin Trudeau — everybody seemed to agree so at least that part of the evening was productive. The people there would probably elect George Zimmerman for Prime Minister if he was Canadian.