Europe’s Imported Muslim Violence Problem Is Taken Seriously by NEW YORK TIMES

“…Muslims are behaving normally, i.e. raping and pillaging among the infidels, but that barbaric conduct appears to be a surprise to the government suits in big offices. Elites imagine that historic enmity will disappear just because they want it to, even as “Rapefugees Not Welcome” signs are a common sight at citizen demonstrations.

  • Hard Little Machine

    To the extent they can blame the Jews, white people and Trump, sure they care.

  • Alain

    None of them are truly concerned, otherwise they would not have done everything to prevent Austria from having a different government. Having any national government in power that puts its citizens first and enforces sovereignty is an obstacle that cannot be tolerated by those pushing for a global government.

  • V10_Rob

    Let me guess, it’s not islamists’ fault for being rapey, it’s whitey’s fault for importing rapists.