Climate Of Fear

  • BillyHW

    Women suck and ruin everything.

  • H

    This woman has a head on her shoulders (though you can’t really see it because of all that hair.) But seriously, she made some good points: looking forward to more from her.

  • Linda1000

    Related – Look who’s promoting the feminist agenda in Canada the most. Watch this video – don’t interrupt and weep. Why doesn’t Truedope lecture muslim or ME men on how to be a better feminists?

    • Gary

      Good old Justin … the Liberal that denounces racism, anti-immigrant bigotry , islamophobia, misogyny , class warfare , income disparity , anti-gay homophobia , Global warming deniers and a slew of what’s popular today to denounce.

      But he’s a Liberal and all of those rules are for other people because he married a Wealthy,White, Heterosexual , Female, Canadian background, Catholic that stays at home to watch the children as he earn the Money in the house.
      But now these elites want even more staff to help with the children by having strangers raise them because it’s 2016 .