Claim: Muslim Translators Lie, Deny Muslim Harassment Of Christian And Yazidi Migrants

Desperate Yazidi and Christian migrants in Germany have attempted to report harassment and violence at the hands of Muslim migrants, only for Sunni Muslim translators to lie and deny sectarian attacks.

Muslim translators, from whom the minorities sought help, “threw their support behind the attackers” and denied to authorities that harassment and violence is happening.

  • Drunk_by_Noon

    Muslum translators have been miss-translating since just after 9/11.
    That’s when I first heard about how utterly unreliable they are.

  • simus1

    Simple misunderstanding.
    A professional translator is someone who does a strict word for word conversion from one language to another.
    A professional interpreter is someone who then also “converts the conversion” into a more useful idiomatic equivalent to give the listener a more exact understanding of the nuances involved in what the speaker is saying.
    A muslim translator has no need to work within such constraints.