Tanzania: Mwanza city Muslims live in fear as 3 hacked to death by Muslims in a mosque

MWANZA, (AA): Muslims in Tanzania’s northern Mwanza city fear for their lives following Wednesday deadly hacking of worshippers inside a mosque, head of a Muslim body said Friday.

Imam Feruz Ismail, aged 27, and two other people were hacked to death Wednesday during the time of evening prayers at the Masjid Rahmani mosque in Nyamagana district’s Mkolani area.

Two survivors told Anadolu Agency at the crime scene that the attackers had displayed a black flag with Arabic inscription in white color.

Abubakar Makabwe, one of the survivors, said: “They attackers were about 15 [in number] and had covered their faces when they stormed into the mosque, switching off the lights before ordering children to walk out through back door usually used by women.”

“Before they began hacking those who were in the mosque, a person who seemed to be in charge, who according to the voice it’s obvious she was a woman, called the imam to step forward before she ordered other fellow [attackers] to hack him to death,” Makabwe said.

  • Shebel

    I guess there were no Christians or Jews around to kill….
    I mean, sorry— if we had been there -these people would not be dead.
    The Guilt that wells up inside me—cannot be put into words.

    • AlanUK

      Plenty of Christians – I would guess few Jews.

      From a quick Google search with Tanzania religion, it seems Tanzania has a secular government and has banned censuses on religion since 1967.

      Currently, it appears to be split between (in descending order) local tribal religion, Islam and Christianity. One source gave 37%, 33% and 30%. Maybe equally split might be reasonable (Christians claim many conversions from evangelism).

      No indication how Islam is split although the story suggests the murderers might be ISIS which would suggest that the Mosque might be Shiite or Ahmadi.

      According to Pew research centre*, two-thirds of the Muslim population of Tanzania is Sunni, while the rest is either Shia (20%) or Ahmadi (15%)
      * Quoted in Wiki so with 2 such accurate sources, it must be right. /sarc

      • Shebel

        It is always a ‘let-down’ when there are no Jews to kill.

      • k1962

        At least Christian in Africa are willing to give as good as they get. Not like the Euroweenies. And the Jews? In Israel they smack them back twice as hard as that is the only thing that gets their attention.

    • I share your grief.

  • Gary

    So they draw the line at murdering children but are okay at making them orphans by killing their parents.
    Can’t you just feel the quranic love from allah.

  • Hard Little Machine

    And the bad news is what?

  • robins111

    Methinks its about time these folks go all Rwandan on those muzzies asses. That’d make the liberals go all splody head.

  • Exile1981

    Alarm bells are going off.

    Ok it sounds like there were no women in the mosque. The attackers set the kids free but killed the men and the leader was a women.

    This sounds more like their wives finally had enough and decided to free themselves from their husbands.

  • k1962

    I’m going to guess that these are Sunni Muslims hacking up other Sunni Muslims. Just imagine what they have in store for the rest of us. Well, no imagining necessary as we see what they are doing all over the world. Very simple solution to slow this down and it involves our immigration policies. Charges of racism be damned.