Prison staff reluctant to tackle Islamic extremists for fear of being labelled racist

Muslim in jailPrison staff are reluctant to tackle Islamic extremists in fear of being labelled racist.

A damning report claims that officers were being exploited by Islamic inmates in British jails who are aware staff are worried about losing their job due to racism complaints.

The independent review, commissioned by Justice Secretary Michael Gove, also recommended that Islamic prisoners convicted of terror offences be kept away from other Muslims in a specially designed blocks at high-security jails, reports the Sunday Times.

  • Martin B

    Dead Mohammedans make no racism complaints.

  • simus1

    Prison staff, just like police, are made well aware that “muslim problems” created by them enforcing the normal rules will not be tolerated at the top of the food chain and all their promotion prospects will hinge on showing how accommodating they are.

    • bargogx1

      Yep, it’s almost never the rank and file who are at fault in these situations. The rot is coming from the top down, and it needs to be rooted out and dealt with. That fear of being labelled racist didn’t happen in a vacum. It has a source.

    • marty_p

      I have an acquaintance who is a traffic COP. I asked him how he handles a traffic stop of an overtly religious Muslima. He told me he pulls the woman over, tells her to wait as he has a female officer attend to the stop to deal with woman. He said that avoids all the accusations of bias/racism/Islamophobia.

      • infedel

        …and that is sharia compliant bullshit undermining our laws. Ban lawyers, marxists policies,and islam.

      • Alain

        This is exactly why they are winning and we are losing. I am not blaming the cop here, since he knows he will be in big trouble should he ignore what the top brass have directed.

      • Editor

        We should institute the “Abridged Charter of Rights and Freedoms” for inmates. You’ll get your three squares a day, we won’t beat the shit out of you and you’ll be released at the end of your sentence. There, that’s it. As far as cable TV, libraries, gym equipment, halal food, tattoo equipment, smokes, commissary, etc. Fuck you. You made the conscious choice to break the social contract and act like a sociopath, we are not obliged to uphold our end of the social contract any more either.

  • Editor

    They learned absolutely nothing in Rotherham.