No, Victor Davis Hanson, the protestors are doing just fine

From Victor Davis Hanson:

Contemporary protestors have reached that moment, when demonstrations exist for demonstrations’ sake, without any consistent or coherent agenda of dissent.

At a recent forum on political correctness at the University of Massachusetts, three invited guest speakers were shouted down by protestors in the audience. A video of one shouter went viral. In the manner of a 2-year-old, she threw a loud temper tantrum, interrupting the speakers, screaming obscenities and yelling, “Keep your hate speech off this campus!”

Protestors have a right to object to Donald Trump’s various crudities, as long as they do so peacefully and respect the right of free speech. But recently, disrupters at a Trump rally in California likewise jumped the shark when some waved the flag of Mexico or bore placards with slogans such as “Make America Mexico Again.” If the protest was directed against Trump’s pledges to deport undocumented immigrants to Mexico, then it made little sense to celebrate the country to which protestors did not wish immigrants to return, or to suggest that immigrants’ new home should become identical to the old home that they had chosen to leave. More.

Reality check: As so often, Hanson gets it almost right.

In an age of permanent revolution, protests need not make sense, it is an advantage if they don’t. Nonsensical demands defeat rational dissection and opposition. The underlying appeal is for the government to do likewise. The greater the outrage to reason, the greater the power demonstrated by the administration that enforces the demands.

As demonstrated when alumni continue to give, which amounts to paying shakedown to avoid a confrontation, now that they have their own credentials safely from an earlier time.

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