Euthanasia: Estimating death rates in Canada

From Margaret Somerville at MercatorNet:

Making the best of a bad law If, as has occurred in both the Netherlands and Belgium, PAD were to become part of the norm and, as in those countries, the same 3.5 percent of total deaths were deaths by euthanasia, Canada would have over 9000 such deaths each year. Dr Ellen Wiebe, the first doctor to kill a patient in Canada pursuant to judicial authorization, told a webinar of around 300 pharmacists that she believed that deaths from euthanasia and assisted suicide in British Columbia would match the Netherlands rate. Taking the annual number of deaths in BC that would mean around 1,212 deaths annually – about three per day – just in that province. More.

Belgium, the EU’s Ground Zero, shows the way forward: From: The ever-expanding bounds of Belgian euthanasia

In 2002 the Belgian Parliament passed a euthanasia law, but the public was promised that there would be strict safeguards. Now, 14 years later, infants and teenagers can be candidates for a lethal injection and there are seminars in nursing homes promoting euthanasia as an appropriate option.”

Canada’s Trudeau has made clear he wants no conscience rights for doctors, which means that your physician will probably be an accomplice to many cases and could not save such a person in any event. In fact, non-accomplices will soon not work in medicine.

Reality check: You heard the big legacy media carrying on about how awful all this is, didn’t you? Oops, wrong question. You voted for it, didn’t you? No, it was all just handed to us, drowned in dramas around how cool Trudeau is.

Euthanasia is one outcome of the fact that a growing proportion of the Western world population is simply an expense to big government. That is, the jobs are gone elsewhere or to automation, and increasing numbers of people produce only needs and demands, which others are paid to provide. Or not, as the case may be.

The system is not an obligatory economic one. It can be jiggered and trimmed for equilibrium.

Related: The precious little asshats who arrive at universities today don’t bring a desire to learn but the need for a safe environment. Face it, they are the future. Why aren’t they smacked down? Because the humanities traditions they represent are dying off and no one needs them for anything. What job would you want to give them? It’s easier to just capitulate. The STEM side of the universities is comparatively untouched because traditions like genome sequencing and quantum computing are still viable.

The really significant part is that it has all been happening with very little public outcry. The only blind attempt to understand the changes – made in total absence of media or consultant support – has been movements like the Trump candidacy. And then all people could do to send a feeble signal was vote for Trump.

See also: Should babies scheduled for infant euthanasia be baptized? The parents claim to be Christians; otherwise they wouldn’t be asking. Should they be excommunicated? And on what terms?


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  • Much is hidden in Canada, like FGM and child marriage stats on euthanasia will be kept from public view.

    • Raymond Hietapakka

      …just like current and past Suicide stats….

  • tom_billesley

    English hospitals have been making “do not resuscitate” orders without informing or involving patients or relatives.

    • It’s deplorable and look at the Dutch. Feeling sad today? OK kill yourself!

      • Raymond Hietapakka

        Make sure your Doc and you both share membership in the same Political Party.

  • k2

    This kind of attitude espoused by many, especially the “elite”, in our society can be a threat those very people, those who for instance support things like euthanasia. If life is judged a priori to be objectively valueless then, logically, all lives are objectively valueless. And this assumption could come back to sting its adherents as much as anyone else.

    If automation is brought in to replace human workers, this will apply to ALL fields of endeavour, including leadership, politics, religion, etc, Which leads to a fairly obvious question/observation: in all seriousness, what useful, practical purpose do the majority of our leaders, politicians and bureaucrats serve? They are hardly indispensable and if they … disappeared … overnight, would our nations and societies grind to a halt? I rather think not.

  • DMB

    Liberals have already found very creative ways of killing people off. Soylent Green is here as in the green washing of our economy including the killing of people. Expect to see headlines like this in the near future.

  • Hard Little Machine

    they’re just shining a light on what doctors have widely practiced for a very long time.

    • Clausewitz

      That statement definitely needs some citations. Proof please.

  • Raymond Hietapakka

    Some folks will get expensive treatments, the less than special…retards, poor, malcontents, etc. will get the axe…