Syrian Migrant Women Complain of Domestic Abuse

I’m sure that the CBC thinks that it’s clever bringing this up in order to bolster PM Trulander’s insane plans of cramming this country to the rafters with new and more ignorant voters blocks but domestic abuse and misogyny are not new things so any attempt to make Trudeau or McCallum’s immigration policies as life-saving are bunk. In fact, when it was pointed out to the Right Honourable Chest-Jabber that certain imported practices were barbaric, he refused to label them as such. Furthermore, this article is transparent in its attempts to paint this as a problem of equal measure in society. Then there is hardly a need to address it as a distinct issue needing funding or immunity from deportation:

More than 25,000 refugees from Syria have fled the civil war in that country and settled in Canada, with many arriving during the winter months. Now, representatives from the Arab Community Centre of Toronto say many are speaking up to say they are living in abusive relationships.

Lubna Shaban, a settlement counsellor at the centre, said many of the women are scared to come forward, especially because their language skills are limited and they’re unsure of the potential repercussions — including a concern that they may be deported.