One word…


  • Maurice Miner

    One word: “Ypa!”

    I guess.

  • Drunk_by_Noon

    Yeah, Russians.

  • lolwut?
    • Maurice Miner

      No blonds, so not Russians.

      I suspect that you have obtained this video from an eyebrow/pubic hair loving website.

      Russians are a predominantly blond sub-species, apart from the Western edge (Ukraine etc) so look at the eyebrows!

  • Justin St.Denis

    Russia? Really? Could be Scarborough or Mississauga, going by the behaviours of the locals depicted. Tsk, tsk. Glass houses etc.

  • simus1

    Short pants beat long pants.
    Good door bending skills.

  • Americadies

    Spent a year in Moscow, the place is the wild west!

  • Mal

    You appear to be a determined young man with an enthusiasm for completeness. I’m at a loss, however, as to where you would best fit in in our company, so I will leave that decision for our Human Resources section.

  • T.C.

    If the man in black meant to shoot shorts guy in the leg, then that was a well aimed
    shot. Too bad it just pissed shorts guy off.

    I grew up in prairie town where the kids were all Ukrainian, Polack or English
    descent. A lot of them were farmers. Then there was the Sioux reserve just
    outside of town. This sort of thing was a typical Saturday night at the bar (usually without the guns). We knew who the berserkers were and normally didn’t antagonize them unless someone felt they had something to prove.

  • G

    All done to the tune of “The Entertainer”!


  • Dave In Guelph

    One Word…Vodka!