Once again, HuffPo writer labels Christians who hold Christian beliefs ‘Islamophobes’

wrote about this at the end of January, when Craig Considine accused Christians who don’t accept Mohammed as a prophet of being “Islamophobes.”

  • pdxnag

    Once again, to do anything declared Islamophobic is to do something quite enough for Muslims in a Muslim dominated land to kill you, all the while yelling Allahu Akbar! and quoting their good books commanding them to “defend” their prophet and his rule.

    Notice just how freely they throw the term Islamophobia around. Islamo-Fascism is a totalitarian ideology that leaves no stone unturned, or shall I say unthrown.

  • DMB

    A bit off topic on this one but something to be considered. Millionaire entrepreneur and potential leadership candidate Kevin O’Leary who is also co staring on the American t.v. show Shark Tank has business partnerships with Huffington Post founder Arianna Huffington Post. Arianna Huffington is very politically Liberal with her politics and advocates for many left wing causes. If Kevin O’Leary does decide to officially enter Canadian politics be warned he is NOT a conservative nor will he take a stance against Islamic radicalism in the west the same way Donald Trump. In fact O’Leary has the same position as Justin Trudeau when it comes to dealing with ISIS by sending in peace keepers and engaging in dialogue with then. He will not have my support. http://www.huffingtonpost.com/entry/honeyfund-co-founders-get-ariannas-advice-on-beyond-the-tank_us_573dda8fe4b0646cbeec4752

  • ontario john

    I would agree that Mohammad is a prophet of Satan. How else can explain that a murdering, child abusing, goat screwing, insane, piece of crap like him can start such an evil religion.

  • It’s insanity, and that’s what occurs when secular atheists try to school religious people in theology.

    Christians not only don’t accept Mohammad as a prophet, but we don’t even accept the Mormon prophet Joseph Smith as a prophet — although Mormons are in fact a modern sect of Christianity. Christianity and its own prophets predate Islam and Mormonism by hundreds and by thousands of years respectively. And the Christian prophets are basically the same as the Jewish prophets, which in turn predate Christianity by an additional thousands of years. Btw, Jews do not generally accept the most important Christian “prophet”, Jesus of Nazareth — but we don’t kill them for it!

    If everybody were to force everybody else to accept everybody else’s prophets, then every religion in the world would be chopping off everybody’s heads. Fortunately though, that’s not what is happening — only Islam uses violence to enforce its theology.

    Islam is the only religion that is the common enemy of religious freedom everywhere, which is why secular atheists find affinity with Islam.

  • Clausewitz

    I don’t hate Muslims because I’m a Christian. I hate Muslims because I have a brain in my head and a firm grasp on reality.