Mister Ed star Alan Young, friend of the talking horse, dies aged 96

English-born actor-comedian Alan Young, who was the human sidekick of the talking horse in the Sixties sitcom Mister Ed, died on May 19, aged 96.

Mr. Ed – Intro (Opening Theme)

Mister Ed – The First Meeting

  • LairdKintyre

    Sad to hear this. I loved the series “Battle of the Planets” back in 1979, when I was seven. He voiced the character, Keeyop. I used to have the biggest crush on Princess. My condolences.

  • ntt1

    Pretty good innings to make it to 96 i have no idea what that is in horse years, of course Mr Ed was served up to appreciative french diners years ago.

  • Shebel

    So long, Mr Ed— the world has changed.

  • Gary

    I remember that show as a kid along with Diver Dan and Beanie and Cecil .

    I was impressed back than until I grew up and worked for a Jack Ass that could speak and drove a Jaguar .