Liberals’ Plans for Parental Leave Will Leave Out Huge Swaths of Parents

Yet another broken promise:

New research shows Canada’s parental leave program leaves out two-fifths of mothers, many of them low-income, and points to a stark divide between families that are “parental-leave-rich” and “parental-leave-poor” — just as the Liberals prepare to enhance the program.

A study of federal parental leave figures published this week finds that about 41 per cent of mothers outside of Quebec don’t qualify for benefits because they don’t have enough insurable hours.

In Quebec, which has its own maternity and paternity leave program, less than 11 per cent didn’t qualify.

Those numbers don’t include mothers in Canada’s three territories or in First Nations communities, which means the number of mothers who don’t qualify could be even higher.

There was also an economic divide: More than 65 per cent of women earning over $30,000 qualified for the benefit in 2013, while that number was about 37 per cent for women earning under that amount.

The results of the study, published Thursday in the Journal of Industrial Relations, raises questions about the Liberal plan for a revamped parental leave program, and whether the party’s promise to extend leave to 18 months will just exacerbate the situation.

It all sounds good on paper.

  • Justin is full of shit.

    • dance…dancetotheradio

      How can you qualify for maternity leave when you don’t work?

      • Frances

        You can work but still not qualify – look at the self-employed. The conditions under which a self-employed woman can qualify for maternal benefits under EI are onerous to the point many of those women will never qualify.

        • dance…dancetotheradio

          Good point.

  • DavidinNorthBurnaby

    Socialism always sounds good on paper to the gullible

  • DavidinNorthBurnaby

    Or, we could slash the size of governments of all levels and remove the onerous tax burden on families so mothers can just stay home and take care of their kids. Yeah, I know …

  • xavier

    Yup. Once again the poor who could benefit fromme this kind of program are screwed yet again
    The main beneficiaries are those women who are covered under a provincial employment law. And have a full time job or a well protected part time job.
    Once again the poor subsidize the rich’source work life balance and the provinces have to pick up the tab

  • Gary

    Remember when Chretien promised to tax the GST off gasoline and get rid of child poverty by the year 2000.
    That sold well during the Election but the fine print had a clause that it would be after the budget was balanced and a series of no deficits .

    All those children born when Chretien promised that are in their 20’s and can’t afford a car or even the gas prices that are about 41% taxes which include the GST .
    Obama and Justin know how many useful-idiots are out there to vote for them just by promising trinkets and free stuff because ” Socialism works so you don’t have to ” .