How Gender Dysphoric Bathroom Access Became the Next Frontier in America’s Culture Wars

This issue shouldn’t even be a thing. But leave it to leftists. For them, it’s permanent revolution. There’s never enough “progress.”

  • Gary

    Forget the millions of illegals where some are raping and killing women , forget the Jihad slaughters at work and forget that ISIS is tossing gays from roof tops and they use the same quran as the ones handed out by CAIR.

    No sir , the real crisis is getting Pizza after a gay wedding and allowing men in dresses to use the women’s wash rooms or even if they self-identify as a women they can used the same wash room as Obama’s daughter once she’s enrolled at Harvard.

  • Shebel

    No wonder Islam has picked this Time in History to attack the the non-Islamic World.
    In America, we are more concerned with the rights of a man , that feels like a woman ,and wants to go the bathroom with baby girls.
    Muhammad would feel right a home here.
    Even the our fucking Mulatto President thinks this is a good idea.

    • Gary

      The irony lost on Obama is that he’s off to Japan on this memorial day weekend for his apology tour to Hiroshima because the USA won WW2 against Germany and Japan. It’s now seen as racists that Truman dropped the two bombs on the Japanese and not on the white Germans.
      But Japan attack Hawaii and if they did win to take over the island Obama would be Japanese and not American to run for President one day . He would be a peon harvesting sugar cane and pineapples .

      Both those Cities were Military industrial based to produce weapons for the War plus Torpedos for the Submarine Pen on the coast just South of those cities.
      Tojo said that he had 5,000,000 loyal Japanese on the island that were ready to die while defending it from a beach invasion.
      He had 2,000,000 soldiers, 3,000,000 civilians of which the Military had 5000 pilots where 2000 of those kami kazi’s ready to fly into the decks of carriers and other ships off shore.

      Liberals love to fight wars in hindsight and feel guilty if their nation had won the war.
      Obama did his Middle east apology tour now it’s off to Japan to show how the Democrat president H.S.Truman was wrong and racists to not let Japan win.

  • Shebel

    If some author that writes Fiction sci- fi bullshit— could never even to begin to imagine– that this is actually REAL.
    It is hard to believe that the WEST— are all a bunch of Pussies and the UNARMED enemy is WINNING because we are NICE.
    They are coming to DESTROY our Culture—
    And we Welcome them.
    We give them money.
    We give them Free houses.

    WE are fucking INSANE!

  • Dana Garcia

    It’s all about the government reminding the people that no place is safe from its tentacles of power.

    • Shebel

      Which government ?
      You mean that unknown World Gov’t that Loves Obama and Justin and absolutely HATES TRUMP.

  • All Too Much

    Permanent revolution. Trotsky preached permanent revolution, and I guarantee this is not what he had in mind. Trotsky would line these fools up against a wall and end their permanent revolution without blinking an eye.