Facebook uses dead media to decide what’s important

From Breitbart

Mere days after Tom Stocky, Facebook’s Trending News manager, rejected reports that his subordinates “artificially inject” items into its list of trending news stories, a leak of internal guidelines published in The Guardian show that the company does exactly that.
The document shows that Facebook’s team behaves like a typical Old Media outlet, with editors selecting and approving stories at virtually every stage of the process. The company also keeps a list of 1,000 “trusted” outlets that it uses in its Trending News feature.

The document also instructs staffers to check if a story is headlining on mainstream outlets like CNN, BBC, Fox News, and The New York Times before assigning it “national-level” importance. This is in stark contrast to the company’s outward claim that its Trending News feature merely reflects what’s currently trending among its userbase. More.

Reality check: Of course. To the extet that Facebook proposed to be part of a global governance elite (cf his page boy relationship with Angela Merkel) , he relies on their captive media to tell him what to do.

It works if we let it.

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  • I hates Facebook!

  • ontario john

    Speaking of dead media, efforts at self censorship regarding islam is in full force with the Saturday Star. No negative mention of islam is allowed. Although the Star’s attempts to censor other papers are not working that well.

  • Allan

    I didn’t even know there was a “what’s trending” part of facebook until everyone started mentioning it. I don’t click on it anyway.

  • Gary

    This is part of the new scam to use Fakebook as a social media site where people post fake News items or Edit a real story about a celeb to change it to fit a negative narrative to smear someone.
    These fake stories get posted on the MSM sites and facebook , but good luck tracing the story to which Reporter file it. The 24/7 cycle for News not longer cares about the truth so they post News items as if they fear missing a Story because they can always correct it later .