Continental Breakfast

This is what you get when you oversleep

‘EU is in process of collapsing on itself’

Austria prepares for historic swerve to the right

Will Obama Indict Clinton to Save his Party?

Milwaukee frozen custard shop defends ‘English only’ policy

NC school district does away with valedictorians

AGW Professor: “Govt. may need extraordinary emergency powers”

Muslims Torture 12-Year-Old Who Refused To Marry Old Man

Florida teacher puts insane Trump question on student exam

How Obama’s Pro-Transgender Rules Impact K-12 Teenagers

EU tells Britain to build more homes for immigrants

Lena Dunham Naked In Tub With Pregnant Friend

Heh: The Decalogue in Ebonicsmouse

  • lgeubank

    “Lena Dunham Naked In Tub” — the original tub o’ lard.

  • k2

    Re Austria Swerves to the Right:

    I love how the MSM always equates opposition to mass Muslim immigration with support for martial law and the suppression of democracy and freedom in general. So I suppose that they expect that if Norbert Hofer gets elected in Austria, there will be tanks in the streets the next day and citizens arrested and detained without charges or due process. Heck, clearly it would be the end of civilization and probably life on earth. Such BS ….

  • H

    “Govt. may need extraordinary emergency powers”: the endgame of the climate change movement, right there.

    • V10_Rob

      “Gee whiz, if you really insist…” – Obama, Trudeau, etc.