‘FIREARM FACSIMILE’: School suspends 5-year-old over ‘princess’ bubble gun

  • Mannie

    This has nothing to do with Zero Tolerance idiocy, nor with hysteria after the Sandy Hook shootings. It is not idiocy. It is deliberate. It is a tactic. Idiocy is just the smoke screen. This is a program to condition, to terrorize, to brainwash our children into fearing and hating manhood, guns, patriotism, and Americanism. If the Liberal Vermin can ruin our children, they have won.

    Counterattack. Buy your child a gun, as young as he or she can operate one, and take them to the range. Let them talk it up with their friends. Spread the Good News. Spread the Good News in school.

    And teach your children to trust nothing about the education system. Take the education they give you, but only believe the “hard” stuff like mathematics and physics. Parrot the rest back, but never believe it. Be subtle as snakes. Give nothing back to the system. Whatever you say will be taken down and used against you. Treat them as if they were enemy captors interrogating you as a POW. Know that the teacher is a cop who wants to destroy you; a tyrant who wants to enslave you, a spy who wants to betray you.

    Sorry about that, good teachers, and voters, but you have the responsibility to take the schools back. So do the district’s voters. Harangue, harass, and if necessary, terrorize the Liberal Vermin out of the system. Otherwise, you’re part of the problem, too. No prisoners. No quarter.

    Μολὼν λαβέ

  • Editor

    It’s the “low hanging fruit” appearance of security theory. Kind of like the TSA.

    • tom_billesley

      As opposed to the “low hanging butt” appearance of security staff.

  • tom_billesley

    Sending your daughter to school with a “princess” bubble gun could cause a lock down. Sending your son to school dressed as a “princess” would be applauded.

    • Gary

      In Toronto it’s okay to have a mosque in a Public school where the Imam can spew homophobic rants from the quran to kill gays and slay the unbelievers.

      • dukestreet

        If I had kids of school age, I would figure out a way to do homeschooling with any other parent interested. I would not tolerate the nonsense the schools are up to. I would want my kids able to live and cope as real people not as brainwashed automatons.

        • Gary

          Barbara Hall and Mc Guinty approved this jew-hating homophobic mosque that also condones child-bride pedophilia and yet Hall now has a Park named after her.
          She’s going to look pretty stupid when the bombs go off and the Jihadists are traced back to the Valley park school Mosque and the radical Canada hating Imam .
          I never thought that a person that condones flogging women, murdering gays, using children as suicide-bombers plus quranic pedophilia would have a Park named after them .

          I wonder if I was to toss gays from roof tops and flog a few women would get a College named after me or at least a Street?
          Maybe one day the Barbara Hall park will be used by islamsists to hang gays each week and behead women to pay homage to Hall for aiding in spreading Sharia as a treasonous anti-west jew-hating weasel on the side of Allah and pedophiles.

  • AlanUK

    The first (and second) time I saw this headline I read it as “bubble gum”.
    I reckon that makes more sense than the reality! After all, bubble gum can make a mess of children’s’ hair. Ever had to get chewing gum out of long hair? I have, Probably many teachers have too.