This will be of immeasurable help to the Leave side… PM Useful Idiot joins warnings against Brexit

The Canadian Prime Minister has joined the growing coalition of world leaders intervening in Britain’s EU referendum to urge voters to reject Brexit.

Justin Trudeau claimed Brexit would not be a ‘productive path’ for the UK and echoing Barack Obama’s warning, the 44-year-old said there would be ‘nothing easy or automatic’ about negotiating new trade deals.

But the youthful Liberal Party leader, who was only elected Canada’s premier six months ago, said Britain is ‘always going to have clout’ regardless of the outcome in June’s EU referendum.

However the chorus of international leaders voicing their warnings about Brexit was undermined by a senior US diplomat last night, who claimed nations around the world were ‘praying’ Britain stays in the EU.

  • Ford Prefect

    From the comments. “Shut it, mind your own.” You got to love the brits they have lots of way to tell you to Foff.

  • lolwut?
  • Ed

    Who knew geopolitical analysis is part of the drama curriculum!

  • Denis

    he is such an embarrasement to Canadians.

  • DMB

    Remember this is the same Justin Trudeau who wants to see Canada as a post nation state meaning we give up our sovereignty to an international body. To see a country like England try to regain the sovereignty it lost to the EU goes against his world view.

    • And the dimwit seems to forget that unlike the U.S., Canada is a member of the British Commonwealth. We are not a member of the E.U. (neither is the U.S. for that matter).

  • JoKeR
  • Billy Bob Thornton

    Don’t forget Mulroney who also did this. Harper and Trudeau are universal on Britain staying in the EU. Only true socialists, communists and nationalists and nationalist-sounding economic liberals that are anti-immigration are also against it even though they will implement globalism from another path. I do not know why people think UKIP would not do globalism when it is proven economic liberalism is a failure since 1988 for Canada and for the entire world!

  • dance…dancetotheradio
    • I once had an anthro prof who was such a Sting fanatic that he wanted everyone to write their anthro paper on Sting. I thought it was silly — I wasn’t paying tens of thousands of dollars for a University education to write about rock stars. So I chose a better subject for my paper.

      After the prof read my “dissident” paper he angrily informed me: “I threw your paper down the stairwell!” Rather bizarre reaction (why a stairwell and not a trashcan?!), nevertheless I just shrugged my shoulders and walked off. A couple days later the prof approached me and apologized — I think he was afraid that I would report him to administration but I honestly didn’t care.

      Sting continues to be of existential irrelevance to my world.

      • dance…dancetotheradio

        The Police were a good band.
        A couple of years ago I torrented their collection and all of Sting’s solo stuff was attached as well.
        I promptly deleted his stuff.
        And I don’t feel any guilt for stealing stuff I’ve already bought.

  • Exile1981

    If I was in England I’d vote against staying in the EU simply to see these idiots cry and whine.