National debt clock back on road

From National Taxpayers’ Federation:


Reality check: Best of luck. People who slide easily into government dependence (possibly the majority today) cheer Justin on because they do not actually care. Someone else will somehow be made to pay.

It starts with a moral decline, actually. Grievance replaces innovation and entitlement replaces achievement. The rest is just PR, then enforcement.

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  • H

    If that thing was driving around during the 2015 federal election, its tires would have been shot out – east of Saskatchewan, anyway. 39% of Canadians voted FOR huge deficits and the obliging Liberals are giving them just that (actually, of course, even bigger and uglier deficits than they had promised in the campaign.) Best of all, a large chunk of our enlightened, progressive populace seems quite happy with this situation.

    • Gary

      Don’t forget that Justin promised the CBC another $600,000,000.00 for their budget during his first term if he got elected as the PM.
      Tada…he got elected .