Lawmakers want accounting of Facebook censorship

From Daily Caller:

When it was revealed Facebook suppresses conservative content and promotes causes like Black Lives Matter for its news curation service, many were troubled by the implications of a giant corporation having the power to control what information millions of people see on a daily basis.

In response to this outrage, Republican South Dakota Sen. John Thune sent a letter to Facebook Tuesday on behalf of the Senate Committee on Commerce over its alleged censorship. In the letter, Thune asked to see Facebook’s specific guidelines for its news curators and what sources it instructed them to avoid.More.

Reality check: Blowin’ smoke. The new power constellations are global elites and global media corporations. Think Obama, Merkel, and Zuckerberg. Local legislators matter no more than the boobs, rubes, and bubbas who want to “make America great again.”

If you want it, vote for it.

Otherwise, remember, government did not invent the Internet. A few engineers did. The same skills could be put to work to develop competitors to the global giants. But that’s risk and work. Why not just join the whine for entitlements (and enduring the nanny state in consequence).

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