A 30 year-old today has only 40% of the population younger than himself

And 60% is older. Wonder what his retirement will be like? Flowing Data illustrates. More.

Reality check: Never mind. He probably supports euthanasia.

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  • V10_Rob

    My age cohort. I gave up expecting to collect any kind of government provided retirement fund years ago, nor do I have high expectations of any other social service being a significant factor in the future.

    • DMB

      People who are entirely dependent on some form of social assistance be it welfare or disability will be in a world of hurt once the money for social assistance runs out. CPP/OPP is nothing more then a regressive tax that most will never see or at a significantly diminished return then originally promised.

  • Justin St.Denis

    I find it hard to empathize with Millennials since they are – by a LONG LONG stretch – the least knowledgeable, most socially inept, ill-bred, entitled and useless generation it has been my misfortune to see grow larger instead of up. Big wanking babies who need a cold bucket of water in the face. Bemoaning the potentially awful “future” of “millennials” is NO WAY to get me on side. I’ve not a fuck to give for the big whining babies known as Millennials.

    • UCSPanther

      I’d pay to see a modern millennial whine to a WWI or WWII vet about “Safe Spaces”…

      They’d either get laughed at or slugged upside the head for comparing their struggles with “microaggressions” to facing certain death on the front lines.

      • Justin St.Denis

        We’re on the same team. 😉

  • pdxnag

    Age is just a construct like gender, like gender identity. I am 23 and that’s just the way it is, forever.