Why does the media ignore the criminal past of Communism?

It seems more and more Western leaders are going to Cuba to prostrate themselves at the feet of the ruling dynasty, the Castros. UK Foreign Secretary Philip Hammond went there on April 28, about a month after US President Barack Obama paid obeisance.

Which raises the question of “why”? They hardly need Cuba’s vast wealth, which is non-existent, it being one of the poorest countries in the Western Hemisphere, with more than 10 percent of its population in exile according to Cuba Archive, a reconciliation and memory website. So what explains this strange behaviour?

  • Exile1981

    They all want to be dictators and want to sit at the feet of the longest ruling communist dictator in the world.

  • Reader

    The communists have infiltrated and have extreme influence throughout our educational system, the government bureaucracies and the media.

    The Dies Committee in the US in 1938 to 1944 was on to something. Of course later when McCarthy got involved in these issues and abused them for political purposes he inadvertently ended up being the Nazis and Commies best friend by discrediting the original legitimate concerns.

    • Drunk_by_Noon

      McCarthy was right and all you are doing is reciting more communist propaganda about him.

      • I think McCarthy was right about Communist subversion, and it’s unfortunate that the West ignored that to our peril.

        But my understanding is he carried it too far especially where freedom of association was concerned. For example, merely having a cousin or distant relative who happened to subscribe to a Leftist periodical was reason for suspicion.

        Heck, when I was doing anti-Communist activism I had more pro-Communist literature in my office than anti-Communist literature! Reason being — “know thy enemy”. You can’t fight an enemy if you don’t know how they think. If I had been doing my anti-Communist activism during the McCarthy era I probably would have been a Communist suspect by the mere fact that I possessed so many of their publications.

        • Exile1981

          McCarthy was not responible for the stuff in hollywood.

          • I think you’re saying McCarthy was exaggerated by Hollywood. It was before my time so it wouldn’t surprise me.

          • Exile1981

            akmost. at the same time as McCarthy there was also the committee investigating “unamerican behavior” among hollywood types. That group was the one that went after people for being related to a communist or knowibg a communist and involved people denouncing others. The hollywood blacklisted people from working for years and had a lot of excesses.

            The McCarthy led one was in washington and only looked at people the FBI suspected where knowing spies. Those called before McCarthy are the ones venona later confirmed as actual spirs.

            Over the years a lot of history books talk about McCartyism and discuss the activities of the hoyywood group like he was leading it. The hollywood group was the one doing guilt by association. Looking at the actual history the hollywood group was mostly B rated stars denouncibg people ahead of them to make job openings. Hollywood and the left blaimed mccarthy for their own version of the witch hunt.

          • I didn’t know that. “McCarthyism” is somewhat of a misnomer then, although is has become a part of the political lexicon referring to violations of constitutional rights such as freedom of association.

            It would be interesting to know how McCarthyism was represented in Hollywood movies.

          • Exile1981

            After his death and his wifes a book was published that claimed besides being a drunk he was a pedophile. That accusation was presented as coming from an annonymous source.

            Every hollywood depiction of McCarthy i have ever seen acts like that was a proven fact.

            In the last 10 years 2 new books on him have come out. One repeats all the old lies and miss associations. The other one actually looks at facts and is very good.

            Also his wife already had a daughter when they married. The daughter is far left and they used to trot her out to denounce her step dad every few years. She never claimed he was a pedophile just a drunk and power hungry. I think she worked as in some democrats office for years but they haven’t trotted her out to denounce trump yet.

            On a side note in the late 90’s Texas changed the high school curriculim to point out that the venona intercepts had proven mccarthy correct. The usual suspects screamed.

          • Thanks. Ironic how the history itself proves McCarthy’s original allegations.

    • Exile1981

      When the venona intercepts where declassified in the 90’s it was found that 87 of the 90 people that McCarthy accused of being communist spies where actually spying for the soviets.

      So McCarthy didn’t do it for political reasons and he was correct.

      • dance…dancetotheradio

        And that’s why I don’t watch HBO.
        The show they had on in the early aughts called Angels in America demonized Roy Cohn who prosecuted the Rosenbergs just because he was gay.

  • What criminal past?

    And nice poster.

    • SMC_BC

      There is no proof that the huge KGB structure that had infiltrated the whole world has been dissolved – yes, Vlad, we noticed.

      • I don’t think it can be the same though — since the fall of the Soviets the West has gotten access to a treasure trove of KGB files especially in places like former East Germany. The former Soviet satellite countries are pretty much free and democratic today.

      • But did you also notice my bulging muscles?

  • Alain

    You ask why and it is because they share the same ideology.

  • SMC_BC

    Most media ignores communism because most are Cultural Marxists. Classical Marxism pretended to reinvent society by the violent takeover of property. The new Marxism (e.g. political correctness & multiculturalism) tries to reinvent the family, human nature and sex identity. Both types of Marxism are tools with the same goal, to make us easy prey for communists to take control.

  • vwVwwVwv

    its simple, if your learn from lft teachers, left stuff and work for left chiefs,
    you never dear to question anything leftists do or did, otherway you’re fired.

  • Because they are in league with communists.

  • DMB

    Kathleen Wynne is missing from that picture.

  • pike bishop

    Red Rachel Notley really admires Che. The chief enforcer of Cuban Communist solidarity.
    Fidel sent him to Bolivia into the tender mercies of Klaus Barbie. I quite enjoy watching leftists conspire to and murder each other.

  • Clausewitz

    Professional courtesy. Same reason why sharks don’t eat lawyers.