The Victimhood of Black Millionaires

Fresh from the success of Between the World and Me, professional literary victim Ta-Nehisi Coates snapped up a luxurious landmarked brownstone for $2.1 million. The brownstone featured original Tiger Oak, Maple, and Mahogany wood floors, a chef’s kitchen, wedding cake moldings, a tin ceiling, terrace, garden, carved woodwork, a fireplace and all the other expected trimmings of the downtrodden.

  • AK

    The plight of my people tho….the only thing worse than being a liar is being a hypocrite….go wander off in the woods you squid….

  • Minicapt

    “Tiny-Hissy Coates”


  • Ed

    He’s just repeating the liberal talking points of approved liberal reservation politics. He’s to stupid to realize there’s nothing more white than that.