Soldiers complain new body armour makes it difficult to get up from the ground

British soldiers have complained new body armour issued by the Ministry of Defence makes it difficult for them to get back onto their feet while fighting.

Troops have also raised concerns that the new kit does not have enough room for all their equipment and is difficult to put on at night.

The father of one serving soldier was so “appalled” with the “sub-standard” kit his son had to work with that he contacted the BBC to expose the problems.

  • JoKeR

    You know things are pretty sad when a soldier says, “I fell down and I can’t get up.”

  • andycanuck

    Maybe the Telegraph has gone so liberal lately because their proofreaders are all ex-Guardian as there’s currently a typo of “seperate” in the body copy.

    BTW, interesting links at page bottom include a Glenn Reynolds’ wannabe piece about a female geography jailed for having sex with a student. (Teach women not to rape!) And a piece about a British general agreeing with Trump about Nato spending.

  • Hard Little Machine

    The MoD is on track to have fewer than 30,000 active troops by 2020

    • Observer

      Is that more or less than the number who have left the UK to fight for ISIS and similar groups?