Ohio Islamic State Cell Slipped Under the Radar Read more: Family Security Matters

An NBC News report listed 15 Americans with connections to the Islamic State (IS), including a cell featuring three residents of Columbus, Ohio . The names were connected to a flash drive that former IS member Abu Mohammaed stole when he defected from IS. While most of the names were known to law enforcement these three had successfully left America to join IS undetected. The three IS members were identified as Jeffrey Khan, Zakia Nasrin, and Rasel Raihan.

Nasrin was described as a promising student whose family immigrated from Bangladesh in 2000. She graduated valedictorian of her senior class at Metro Early College High School and enrolled at Ohio State University as a pre-med major. Nasrin’s family says she met Khan online and married him in 2010. Jaffrey was the son of immigrant parents who moved to Palo Alto but divorced when he was still young.

  • People just don’t slip under the radar. That would imply a lapse in concentration. This was by design.

  • B__2

    So their families didn’t know what they are doing and where they were?

    For a family/clan oriented society this sort of thing is unbelievable, leading us to the conclusion that the families knew where Narsin and Khan were and what they were doing. Again, further evidence that muslims are unlikely to turn in a jihadist to the authorities.