Motion to Empower Liberals in the HOC Dropped After Near-Fisticuffs

Gee, I guess pushing and shoving do work:

The federal government is bowing to opposition demands and backing down on a “draconian” motion that critics say would have given the Liberals too much control over the ins and outs of parliamentary business.

Government House leader Dominic LeBlanc said during question period Thursday that the Liberals have listened to the comments of the opposition and pulled the controversial motion, known as Motion 6.

“We’ve listened to the comments made by all of our colleagues, (and) a short while ago we withdrew Motion 6 from the order paper,” LeBlanc said as cheers rained down from the opposition benches.

“Our objective remains to work with everyone to find the proper mechanism to extend the sitting hours and allow for a more respectful debate on government legislation, and I look forward to working with all members of this House to achieve that objective.”

That about-face came after a contrite Prime Minister Justin Trudeau apologized yet again Thursday for a physical encounter with two opposition MPs in an unprecedented fracas on the floor of the House of Commons the night before.

  • I hope fisticuffs become a permanent feature.

    • If pansy-boy is getting knocked on his @$$, then, yes.

    • Clausewitz


  • Daviddowntown

    a more respectful debate on government legislation,


  • DMB

    Justin is starting to feel the strain of his job and is becoming more irrational with his behavior as time goes on likely due to public scrutiny/mockery on social media. His handlers (GM Butts in particular) can only control him to a point when there is a controlled situation. But when an unforeseen circumstance like this occurs we see the real Justin Trudeau an spoiled rotten temperamental man child. What the public needs to do is continue the scrutiny and mockery of him because Justin CAN’T STAND being made fun of. It just infuriates him.

    • Alain

      He behaves as the spoiled immature brat he is. He is used to getting his way and if not he wins by throwing a temper tantrum as he did in Parliament. By rights security should have escorted him out, because he committed assault on two MPs, a Conservative and a NDP. What I also found appalling was how the Liberals found this amusing.

  • robins111

    If they were anything other than liberals I’d say it was shame over the conduct of Justin Tittysmasher.. but I’m reasonably certain the liberals have no sense of shame.

  • JoKeR

    Don’t get Justin mad

  • WalterBannon

    Adolph Turdeau.

    Like Hitler, he failed at his “art” and then decided to become a fascist dictator.

    • Yo Mama

      And like your analogy their enforcement group is the Liberal Youth!

  • jt

    The more concerning thing to me is where was the mature adults in all of this.