Morley Safer dies at 84

Every Sunday night for many years…

Morley Safer dies

  • While we’re on the subject…

    • Oh come on you know it’s funny.

      • Yes it is;)

      • Exile1981

        But who chose that obit? I suspect that was by a family member

      • dance…dancetotheradio

        I like the one where that guy wanted the Cleveland Browns as pallbearers so they could let him down one last time.

  • G

    Aaawww, No more 60 minutes sleaze? No more cherry picked facts & innuendo? No more half truths?

    Look at the picture of this goof.
    A rumpled trench-coat with the collar upturned. Really? Where’s your cigarette dangling from the side of your mouth? Maybe a fedora with a tattered press card tucked into the hatband?
    Did you practice running into phone booths, grabbing the receiver and yelling “Stop the presses”?
    Self important shit.

    Yeah, sorry Safer, you won’t be missed, except maybe by other journalists who are just as slimey as you were. Burn in hell.

  • Norman_In_New_York

    “60 Minutes” hasn’t been the same since the passing of Andy Rooney.