Meet Agent Elvira, the Russian ‘black widow’ spy executed by ISIS

Elvira KaraevaThe female Russian spy executed by ISIS after spending four years working undercover within the terror group, had four Islamist husbands who all died in mysterious circumstances.

Elvira Karaeva, 28, reportedly infiltrated an ISIS enclave in Russia’s Caucasus region and spent years leaking information, which led to the assassinations of at least seven fighters.

  • Mal

    Brave woman.

    • Bigger balls than most limp wristed liberals – for sure.

  • Ed

    That takes guts.

  • tom_billesley

    Who says muslims haven’t invented anything since islam?
    Mosul, Iraq: ISIS executes 25 accused spies by lowering them into vat of nitric acid

  • simus1

    Much more likely that she was simply framed and murdered to get the heat off some incompetent islamist fanatic thug .

    • Mal

      Possible, I suppose, Simus, except for the bit about “losing” four husbands. Maybe that could just be chalked up to carelessness on her part.
      I like to think she greased all four, though.

  • Maggat

    She desirves the Putin Red Star, with the Hammer and Sickle Cluster. All joking aside, good work young lady.

  • Clausewitz

    Well done Madame. Well done.