Irish anti-immigration group invites Fortress Europe to meeting

Anti-immigration group, Identity Ireland has invited representatives from the right wing Fortress Europe grouping to attend a conference on migration planned for Ireland later this year.

Identity Ireland said that two of its founder members, Peter O’Loughlin and Alan Tighe had represented the party at a Fortress Europe conference in the Czech Republic last week.

“Representatives from 16 nationalist organisations from across 14 European countries were in attendance at the conference at the Czech Parliament in Prague,” said Identity Ireland on Tuesday.

The conference also looked at “the irreparable damage associated with the mass immigration of unassimilable people and cultures into Europe,” said Identity Ireland.

“Arrangements have been made for distinguished members of the Fortress Europe grouping to attend a future conference in Ireland which will be hosted by Identity Ireland.”

  • pdxnag

    Go Go Go, Fight Fight Fight — the only thing that matters today is that there be fewer Muslim invaders within tomorrow than today.

    The death penalty for apostates from Islam is quite enough to refuse to recognize as lawful all things Islamic.

  • John

    cool maybe they can help get all the drunk, illegal Irish out of Chicago!

    the Mexicans here are fine. the Irish? terrible!