Heart’s not in it…

New York, Cabbie & Tow Truck Driver

  • marty_p

    I assume the fat guy was the tow truck driver and the skinny brown guy was the cabby….is that politically incorrect stereotyping?
    Two female COPS as partners…. and both guys behaved themselves when manhandled by the COPS – hope for mankind survives.

    • Mal

      I’d like to believe that, Marty, but I’m not convinced that there would have been the same outcome had the combatants been Obama’s “could’ve-been-sons”.

    • Justin St.Denis

      Actors tend to play the roles they are PAID to play. These guys were not actually fighting. This was a cheesy NYPD stunt, and I seriously doubt that ANY New Yorker would “buy” what is being sold here……

  • Justin St.Denis

    This looks so staged! As if the NYPD needed footage that said “Women are just as capable of being cops as men” which is, of course, patently false. Hence the need to create “documentary footage” that illustrates this patent falsehood as a Truth.

    Women make crappy traffic cops, let alone beat cops, for the simple reason that they resort to “two brain cell” bully behaviours at the breaking of a nail. In real life, this tendency gets them attacked and harmed by the “perps” they are allegedly just as capable as male cops of arresting. Which they are not capable of doing, of course, so are ALWAYS partnered with a seasoned male constable.

    Men and women may be equal, but are vastly different. Why would any woman choose to fail at life as second-rate in a profession more suited to males, such as firemen, cops, forestry workers etc. I don’t see any men – even faggot queens – lining up to become Avon sales agents. Why is that? Have I stumbled upon a “basic truth”? Are men inherently smarter than women after all. 😉