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The Media Have Unintentionally Destroyed Hillary Clintonmouse

  • kkruger71

    Anyone watch Jeopardy? Political people on this week and on Tuesday the had Lara Logan on. During the interview segment the mentioned both the attack on her in Egypt and the attacks in Cologne on New Years. Guess what didn’t get mentioned once? Anything to identify the attackers as anything other than “men”. Trebek even said, and this is that actual quote, “I though we were making progress in our treatment of women.”
    “We”. “our”. Guess the long-term plan is to just sweep these this into the category of “male violence” against women.

  • Justin St.Denis


    I love the smell of gravlax in the morning!

  • ontario john

    Good news for Ontario taxpayers. Because we love to pay taxes in Sunny Ways Ontario. The media is reporting that Wynne has given teacher unions over 80 million dollars over the past few years in order to buy their votes. Think about that while your converting your home heating to hydro and buying your electric car.

  • pdxnag

    Illegal alien invaders in my corner of this sphere profess to be hyper-sensitively offended by a build the wall banner.

    We can’t build it fast enough. Lots and lots of “Latinos” in this little burg. It is near farm land, but these folks will likely be totally farming-illiterate.